Vous pouvez-vous procurer le Cd's au prix de 25 Frs + port ou à domicile.

                                 Pour ce faire utilisez la page contact. merci

                                 You can get of Cd for the price of 25 Frs + port or at home.

                                 To do it use the page contact. Thank you


CD 2011       



 Ecoutez l'extrait: A place in this World
 Listen to sample:


Photos Teddyda or C.N.R 


                              CD 2009


 Photos Teddyda or C.N.R

Jumpin in The River Tonight (2008)        Photos Teddyda or C.N.R


            Home And Away (2006)             


       As Far As I Can See (2004)   

      Code of the West (2000)       

 The Ackermans Real Live (1998)

       We've Got it Made (1996)      

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